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Introducing the original scoundrel: Peggy herself.

99 years young, my grandmother Vivian Rea has been my life-time inspiration. I’m obsessed with her. And why? Because she’s incredible. She’s been a pioneer her entire life. She’s been before her time. She’s lived authentically and has always known who she was and wasn’t afraid to be that. She’s sweet, kind, non-judgmental, thoughtful, sassy, and full of life. She really is and has always been the it girl. For me she represents everything that I and Peggy Workwear aspire to be authentic, community-oriented, rebellious, and kind

In no order, these are a couple fun facts about my grandmother Peggy, a woman I love and have always looked up to. 

🛠️ Mother of three and grandmother of six
🛠️ Happily married 73 years. My poppa was the love of her life.
🛠️ Always packs at least one matching robe and slipper set while on holiday
🛠️ Avid bird watcher. Packs a travel binocular set just in case.
🛠️ Regularly rocks a good ole Canadian tuxedo
🛠️ Flirts with every handsome waiter. Classic line “guess how old am I?”. Classic answer “No! 99!”
🛠️ Always greets me with a “Hiya Tuts”
🛠️ Would hand sew my slutty Halloween costumes in high school. When I’d try them on she’d always answer with “don’t you look marvellous”
🛠️ Loves a good penny slot machine
🛠️ Fantastic baker
🛠️ Has travelled around the world
🛠️ Has a daily one hour phone call with her best friend Mert.
🛠️ Winner of many cruise ship dance competitions
🛠️ Wonderful laugh which has been a staple of my life. My gram will always be the one laughing, smiling, sassing people and enjoying herself.
🛠️ Loves to dance. Will dance to anything.The classic story being my gram and poppa waltzing to “Low Rider” at my mom’s 60th birthday.


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