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Our Story

We are a women-owned small business composed of two brands; Peggy Workwear and the Smoko Podcast.

Peggy Workwear creates technical workwear; Designed by and for women in industrial environments. Our clothing is straight up functional, durable, and stylish. From the shop floor to the boardroom, our garments are designed to fit and function for your all day everyday; whatever that may be. 

We’ve walked a few miles in your boots, and our thighs chafed. We decided to fix that for the next lap. 

The Smoko Podcast is a platform in which women in traditionally male-dominated roles can tell their story, exactly how they want to tell it. The Smoko Podcast celebrates the technical abilities, accomplishments, initiatives, and personal stories of women within our communities, while getting to know the humans behind the accolades. Smoko showcases leaders, mentors, and organizations within our community. 

"You can't be it, if you can't see it”. Let’s see/be more. You down? 

Join us on Smoko. 

Designed in Canada by tradeswomen and lady scientists.

Research and interviews were the foundation of our designs; and we are proud to offer inclusive sizing from 2XS to 2XL.

Our mission is to increase representation of women and non-binary folks within non-traditional roles: STEM & Trade occupations (or wherever the pants fit). Our vision is that through community, authentic storytelling- and accessible garments, we will be able to write our own story, and reimagine the culture of industrial spaces and beyond.

Who We Are

We’re on a mission to add an *authentic* touch to industrial spaces. 

Our goal is to increase representation of people who are non-dudes, in non-traditional roles. 

“What? Like it’s hard?”

Not when we break it down. 

  1. The Smoko Podcast providing a platform for real girlbosses to tell real stories.
  2. Peggy Workwear creating functional and accessible garments designed by and for women, to create more stories while feeling and looking their best.


When I started my career as a geologist at 19, utility pant inseams weren’t quite at the top of my priority list, but I quickly realized workwear options, specifically the lack thereof, would become a major problem in my life.

Workwear is entirely dependent on functionality, and function can’t happen without fit. 

I couldn’t find fit; Anywhere. 

Nothing worked.

Nothing fit.

I brushed it off, until one day I went to pick up the tools, and heard a terrible sound.

The sound of the bisection of my overalls.

The crotch seam had all but disintegrated, and there I stood; A professional scientist working for an esteemed research vessel,  studying climate change with my underwear out on display. 

This was the origin story of Peggy Workwear, and the moment I vowed to never let a fellow woman in trades get caught with their pants down (or ripped) again. To create clothing with female fit and function in mind. Trades or STEAM; Peggy Workwear makes clothes designed for you and your day. No accidental HR incidents involved. 

Scoundrels since day one.

Putting the Fam in Family Run

My sister; Andrea, (Red seal welder, soon to be mechanical engineer, and ship-builder extraordinaire) knows the struggle too- so when the idea for Peggy came up at the dinner table, I had an equally diverse and targeted audience. Our target demographic was easy to define, because they were sitting around our dining room table. It wasn’t difficult to then find 75+ members of our community to interview and survey, throughout every step of the design process.

Peggy Workwear focuses on both women in STEAM and Women in Trades; because that’s who we are. Peggy’s got the muscle and the brains.

The O.G. Scoundrel: Peggy

99 years young- my grandmother Vivian Rea has been my absolute inspiration since day one. I’m obsessed with her, and why you may ask? 

Because she’s incredible. I mean, just look at her. Authentic and passionate, sassy and sweet; She really is that girl. She represents everything that I and Peggy Workwear aspire to be.

Authentic, for the girls, rebellious, and kind.


🛠️Mother of three and grandmother of six

🛠️Happily married 73 years. Poppa was the love of her life.

🛠️Always packs at least one matching robe and slipper set while on holiday

🛠️Avid bird watcher. Packs a travel binocular set just in case.

🛠️Regularly rocks a Canadian tuxedo

🛠️Adept at flirting with handsome waiters

🛠️Always greets me with a “Hiya Tuts”

🛠️Would sew my slutty Halloween costumes in high school by hand, and when I tried them on, she would always say, “Don’t you look marvellous!”

🛠️Loves a good penny slot machine

🛠️Has a daily one hour phone call with her bestie, Mert.

🛠️Winner of countless cruise ship dance competitions

By Women, for women.

We’ve been in your boots! We were pretty tired of giving off a “Bring Your Kid to Work Day” vibe, wearing oversized and ill-fitting men’s gear. We weren’t really down with the bedazzled ‘pink it and shrink it’ threads either, so we designed something a little different, and just for us. 

From the shop floor to the boardroom, we want to look and feel our best.

Authentically You

Come as you are. Scoundrels don’t discriminate or judge. Inclusivity is at the core of what we do. We’re on a mission to make workwear accessible, functional, and CUTE- and increasing representation within the community is our guiding force. It’s also why the Smoko Platform invites guests to tell their story, however they want to tell it.

Community Baby!

Being a scoundrel is like being part of an exclusive members only club, except it’s not exclusive at all, and everyone is invited to party with Peggy. Our mission is to increase representation, to increase our ranks. It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s important, and there’s strength in numbers. Best way to get a bunch of scoundrels together? Throw a party.

Check out Smoko Podcast for conversations with leaders and organizations within the community, and info on gatherings of scoundrels near you.

The New Classic

Peggy Workwear is going to be your new work wife. 

We want to be that piece that never quite makes it into the laundry- your new go-to.

We are revolutionizing workwear by making it simple. Durable, functional, technical, and aesthetically pleasing garments that work and fit your body. From 2XS to 2XL, we have designed all of our pieces to fit all shapes and sizes, not just the straight-leg man jeans for man legs of old. We’re going for traditional, not trendy. Good pockets. Lots of pockets. High degrees of movement so you can do karate in the garage if you want. Flexible and comfortable fabric. Durable triple stitching, and a fit that was designed on real human bodies. 

Top that off with a custom blended fabric of Nylon, Cotton, Polyester and Spandex, which supplies true durability that you can trust.

Ready to make things official?

In our professional and completely unbiased opinion, we send sick emails. 

Kinda like a long text from your bestie with new products, much needed Smoko breaks, scoundrel laden events- and many a Scoundrel activity. Stay up to date with this Toolbox talk, and sign up so you don’t miss a beat!  

Peggy Workwear in the Wild. The Scoundrels amoung Us.

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