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Our Story

Peggy Workwear Lore


99 years young- my grandmother Peggy has been my inspiration since day one.  Authentic, passionate, sassy and sweet. She represents everything that I and Peggy Workwear aspire to be.  Genuine, for the girls, rebellious, and kind. 
We’ve walked a few miles in your boots, and our thighs chafed. We decided to fix that for the next lap. 

By Women For Women

Designed in Canada by real-life tradeswomen and women in STEAM. Research, interviews, and community testimonials were the foundation of our designs. 

Authentically You

“Were the granddaughters of the witches you failed to burn.” 
It might be cliché, but hey, it’s still a cool quote. We’re the grandmothers, mothers, sisters, and friends of the women who paved their own way and did it on their own terms. Just like you.


Community, Baby!

Being a scoundrel is like being part of an exclusive club, except it’s not exclusive at all, and everyone is invited to Bingo with Peggy. Our mission is to increase representation. It’s big, it’s heavy, it’s important, and there’s strength in numbers.

I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. 
Lifes a bitch. You've got to go out and kick ass

- Maya Angelou (maybe) 
Throughout my career working underground, walking the woods, and living on a research vessel; I could never find workwear that worked. Nothing functioned. Nothing fit. Nothing looked good.

I brushed it off, until one day I went to pick up the tools and heard a terrible sound. The sound of the bisection of my overalls. 

 The crotch seam had all but disintegrated, and there I stood; A professional scientist, standing with my underwear out on display.
That was the moment I vowed to never let a fellow workwear women get caught with their pants down (or ripped) again.
To create clothing with female fit and function in mind. 
My sister (welder, ship builder, soon-to-be engineer) knows the struggle too- so when the idea of Peggy came up, our mission was easy to define. 

Peggy Workwear focuses on both Women in STEAM and Women in Trades; because that’s who we are. One-part scientist, one-part tradeswomen.  

 We've been in your boots. Peggy Workwear makes clothes designed for you and your day.  No accidental HR incidents involved! 

More Than Workwear

Tales of scoundrels

Don't miss out on important info Re: World Domination

In our professional and completely unbiased opinion, we send sick emails. Like a long text from your bestie with new products, Smoko breaks, scoundrel laden events- and many a Scoundrel activity. Sign up and don’t miss a beat! Peggy Workwear in the Wild: The Scoundrels among Us.

Scoundrels in the wild

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